Rules & Regulations (For Teachers)

Rules & Regulations (For Teachers)


    • School commences at 9:00 a.m. for the day scholar teachers and 7:30 a.m. for the day boarder teachers. Therefore, all the day scholar teachers are to report to the school before 8:45 a.m. and for the day boarders before 7:20 a.m.    
    • Teacher’s attendance will be maintained by the time recorder and register.


    • Morning field duty teachers must report to school before 8:40 a.m. and carry out their duties as per job specification. And the evening field duty teachers can only leave after sending all day scholars home and day boarders for studies. Teachers On Duty (T.O.D) must report before 8:00 a.m. and leave after 4:00 p.m. Once a week day scholar teachers are assigned to give day boarder duties.
    • During assembly teachers are to check their lines, uniform, nails, teeth, shoes, hair, ribbon, ornaments etc. Talking is strictly prohibited.
    • Once the assembly starts, the class teachers must stand at the back of their class line and subject teachers must stand at the side.
    • Class teachers are to take the students to the classroom after the morning assembly, bring them in a line for the evening assembly after the last period. After the eighth period the class teachers are to go to their respective classes to check the diaries, daily assessment and teachers’ remark book and to bring the students in a line for assembly. Teachers are to take their students to the gate and release the students after the assembly.
    • Teachers should bear in mind that every work must be up to date and duly corrected with red pen. Remarks, signature and date have to be written for every correction. Correction should not exceed more than three days. Teacher’s salary will not be released if the correction is not up to date or properly checked or if the lesson plan is not maintained or submitted.
    • The time recorder, daily assessment book, lesson plan and teachers remark book must be properly maintained and kept up to date for supervision by the concerned authority.
    • During class hours no teacher is allowed to leave his/her respective classes, except under unavoidable circumstances.
    • Teacher should bear in mind that no pupil is to be sent out of the classroom during the period, except for emergencies.
    • Toilet activities should take place during breaks. Try not to allow the older children to go for their toilet requirements during class hours.
    • Class teachers are to assign only the monitors to collect the class register, daily assessment book and teacher’s remark book from the School Supervisor’s / School in charge’s office before the school and handover after the school.
    • Teachers are to leave or enter the classroom immediately after the bell.
    • Every subject must have separate home and class assignment exercise books.
    • All the teachers are to be in the field / ground before the warning bell i.e. 8:55 a.m. for the morning assembly.
    • Every student’s notes, class work, homework and workbook must be complete and correct and any incomplete or incorrect work must be immediately corrected and completed before the new lesson.
    • The school will conduct internal audit before every term. The teachers/head of department shall audit each others work and submit the auditing report to the management.


    • The syllabus is prepared by the school on a terminal basis. The teachers are to finish the syllabus for each subject on a terminal basis even if it means taking extra classes. For extra classes a written application by the concerned teacher must be forwarded to the Principal mentioning the date, time and duration.


    • Teachers are to prepare standardized questions on a terminal basis and submit to the Examination In charge at the stipulated time.
    • The question papers must be submitted to the Examination In charge on the due date   according to the calendar.
    • No teacher is allowed to give probable questions to the students for examination and test. 


    • The teachers are to maintain strict invigilation during the examination. The invigilator must check and sign all the answer scripts and supplementary papers.
    • The answer scripts will be solely at the responsibility of the invigilator before submitting to the Examination In charge.
    • Correcting answer scripts, personal correspondence, talking, leaving the examination room without keeping a substitute teacher, reading books, novels, periodicals etc, are strictly prohibited.


    • The answer scripts must be properly corrected and checked by the subject teacher. Red pen should be used for correction.
    • The marks must be submitted to the Examination In charge within 3 days from the date of examination.
    • Teachers are to take great care and precision while tabulating the marks and no errors will be accepted while preparing the results.
    • Results must be prepared and submitted to the Examination In charge according to the school calendar.


    • Daffodil Schoolexpects an outstanding standard of discipline to be maintained by both teaching and non- teaching staff.
    • Teachers are expected to come to school in their formal dress everyday. Ties must be worn by masters and saris / salwar kurtas / formal pants by the lady teachers.
    • Teachers are to speak only in English in class and on the school grounds in order to set an example to the children.
    • Teachers are not allowed to drink, smoke, chew pan or tobacco etc.
    • Teachers are not allowed to leave the school premises once they are inside the school compound. Teachers are to bring their own tiffin.
    • Teachers are not allowed to do corrections, prepare questions papers, tabulation, results, read novels/ magazine etc. during their class or tuition hours. 
    • Teachers should be an exemplar.
    • Teachers must cooperate with one another and speaking ill of another colleague or of the school will not be tolerated.
    • Teachers are to keep in their minds that leisure periods are given especially for correction or for lesson preparation. So during that time they are expected to be in the staff room engaged with their work.
    • Teachers are to understand that staff room is a place where correction and preparation of the lessons are conducted. So teachers are expected to promote the atmosphere of working and should never consider staff room as a common room.


    • Teachers are selected and approved by the School Management.
    • Once a teacher is appointed he / she has to be approved by the School Management at the end of every academic year to continue service for the next session.
    • If a teacher is disapproved he /she will be asked to resign or discontinue service by the School Management.
    • Teachers’ selection and approval criteria are as follows:
      • Positive attitude – willing to learn, change, help and take feedbacks positively.
      • Dedication & commitment – puts in extra effort & time. Gives no excuses but only results.
      • Teaching Methodology – teaching should be child entered. Uses newer approaches, educational aids & tools.
    • Result oriented – Students continual improvement in academics & discipline.


    • Teachers are not to abuse any child in public and must refrain from calling any child name.
    • In the case of misconduct of a serious nature on the part of a senior pupil, the teacher concerned must warn the defaulter verbally first. If the offence is repeated the case must be brought to the attention of the Principal / School Supervisor / School In charge for necessary disciplinary action against the defaulter.
    • No teacher is permitted to give any sort of physical punishment whatsoever.


    • Teachers are to inform the Parents/Guardians, in writing, through their school diaries regarding irregularity, uniform, performance, assignments, untidiness and misbehaviour of pupils.
    • Teachers are not allowed to call any student in their home for extra coaching class or for any extra curricular activities. For such activities the teacher must call them in the school premises and inform the parents in writing through their school diaries with prior consent of the Principal.
    • If a pupil is found to be absent for more than a week without cause, the teacher concerned must inform the Principal / School Coordinator / School In charge/ School Supervisor for his/her advice and necessary action. If a pupil is absent for a day the receptionist must ring up the parents to find out the reason for absence.


    • Teachers are not allowed to give any tuitions whatsoever to the school students. Any teacher desiring to do so must submit their resignation or will be replaced.


    • The students of Daffodil School will participate in all activities organized by the District Education Office and other schools. Therefore, House Master / Mistress must prepare their students for extracurricular activities as per the school calendar. The extracurricular activities will be treated as part of the curriculum. The Extracurricular In charge must coordinate and conduct all inter house and inter school activities.


    • Lesson plan must be submitted to the Principal / School Coordinator / School Supervisor every Monday on a weekly basis. Only primary teachers must have their question answers written in their lesson plan. Senior teachers must make the students answer the questions & cannot give dictated notes.  Art and craft teacher should also submit lesson plan on a terminal basis. English and Nepali teachers must maintain a separate exercise book for meanings and spellings, grammar-structure, letter writing & compositions/essay. For primary level (III to V) at least hundred (100) word meanings, five compositions and five letters must be completed in each term. For lower secondary level and secondary level (VI, VII, VIII, IX & X) at least hundred and fifty word meanings, five essays and five letters must be completed each term. The rules for different types of letter writing, composition and essay should be given to the students. The word meanings and the topics for letters and essays / composition must be mentioned in the lesson plan. Wrong spelling and meanings must be corrected five times each. For other subjects difficult words should be underlined with pencil and meanings given in the text itself by the teachers.


    • Teachers are to insist children to speak in English at all times in the classroom and in the school premises. Any child talking in Nepali or any other language other than English must be strongly discouraged.


    • Teaching and non-teaching staff are to discourage family and friends visiting them during school hours, except for urgent or unavoidable reasons.
    • Teaching and non-teaching staff are not allowed to receive or make casual phone calls to family and friends.
    • Teachers must turn their mobile phones into silent mode when they enter the classroom, during meetings, assembly, functions and inside the office.


    • Teachers are entitled to holidays as prescribed in the school calendar.
    • Teacher’s leave must be granted otherwise it will be considered leave without pay.
    • In a year 12 days of sick leave shall be granted. Teachers falling sick must produce a doctor’s certificate.
    • Teachers falling sick for more than 12 days in a year, a leave without pay for another three days can be extended upon producing a doctor’s certificate. In case of a long sick leave the teacher must resign to facilitate smooth running of the school.
    • Teachers whose sick leave remains due will receive a bonus in accordance with the basic salary after completion of one year.
    • Maternity leave of 60 days will be granted only after completion of one year from the date of joining or one must take leave without pay.
    • Teachers should be punctual to school.


    • Secondary, Lower Secondary and Primary teachers will draw a basic salary of Rs.30,500/- Rs.23,500/-  and Rs.22,170/- respectively, plus 25% of  A category school if eligible.


    • Teachers after having completed the stipulated one year period of probation will be entitled to free education (day scholar) for one child, one month’s bonus of their basic salary in Dasain and health insurance benefits.
    • The school will provide provident fund to the teaching staff after completion of one year.


    • 10% of the basic salary will be deducted by the school as provident fund after the completion of first year and 100% will be added in their provident fund respectively.


    • Professional Tax will be deducted by the school on a monthly basis as per the taxation policy of Government of Nepal and a receipt will be made available.


    • Any teacher wishing to resign from the institution must give one month’s written notice to the Principal or forgo one month’s salary.
    • No resignation will be accepted after the Mid Term whatsoever.
    • All work must be up to date and in order when the resignation is submitted so as to facilitate a smooth takeover for the incoming teacher/ staff member.
    • In the event of gross misconduct the school reserves the right to terminate the service of a staff member without notice.
    • Experience letter will be issued to teachers only after the completion of one academic year.


    • The school at any time of the year can amend the rules and regulations accordingly as to the requirements of the school.


    • The guidelines, circulars, notice, instructions etc. should be complied and strictly implemented.


    • The Management at any time of the year can transfer the teacher to any of the two schools namely Daffodil Public School, Nayapati or Daffodil Boarding  School, Kapan.
    •  The teachers should focus and direct all their efforts in producing good results.
    • The performance of the child is the direct reflection of the teacher.


    • I have read and understood the Rules and Regulations as laid down and agree to abide by them. If I fail to carry out my responsibilities as mentioned above I solemnly declare hereby that I shall accept without question the decision of the Principal even if it means termination of service without the required notice.


    • The following established guidelines mentioned below should be observed and executed in letter and in spirit while discharging one’s responsibilities so as to facilitate the smooth functioning of the school.
    1. Being an exemplar to the school.
    2. Abiding by the established rules and regulation of the school.
    3. Restoring and promoting the fabrics and conducive atmosphere of the school.
    4. Maintaining discipline in the classroom and in the assembly.
    5. Keeping the correction of the class works, homeworks and notes up to date with remarks properly written after every correction.
    6. Any incomplete and incorrect work must always be done by the students and corrected by the teachers before proceeding to the next lesson.
    7. Preparing and submitting the lesson plan to the principal / School In charge / School Supervisor every Monday on a weekly basis.
    8. No exercise books should be left in classroom or on the staff room table. The cupboards should always be used. The staff room should always be kept neat and clean.
    9. The class teacher is responsible for the cleanliness of the classroom and should always insist the students to use the dustbin. Art and craft teacher should also see that he / she leaves the classroom spick and span before he / she leaves his / her class. Before releasing the students after the 8th periods it is the duty of the class teacher to see that the classroom is neat and clean.
    10. Drinking water and lavatory needs for the teacher and students are to be met during the recess or before the class hour. During the class hour it is strictly prohibited only if the situation is inevitable, allowing only one student at a time.
    11. No teacher is allowed to yell or scream at the student. They should be soft but firm.
    12. Completing the syllabus in time.
    13. No physical punishment to any students whatsoever.
    14. Duty teachers’/TOD/One day DBR routine should be strictly followed. Duty teacher should see to the safety and discipline of the students. No students should be allowed to gather or make noise inside the school building or classroom during the recess or before the school starts.
    15. Teachers should go to the class immediately after the bell and should devote every minute in the teaching and learning process.
    16. Teachers are to strongly discourage students from talking in Nepali except during the Nepali periods with Nepali teachers. Teachers themselves should set good examples by not talking in Nepali.
    17. Teachers are to strictly follow the given routine and no subsequent changes can be made whatsoever unless the Principal changes. Classes are to be conducted in given classroom only. No teachers can spend the class without the permission of the Principal.
    • Teachers are to bear in their minds that leisure periods are given especially for correction or for lesson preparation. During that time teachers are expected to be in the staff room engaged with their work leaving personal talks aside. Teachers should always promote the atmosphere of working and should never consider staff room as a common room.
    • CLASS TEACHERS should always check and write the remarks in the school diaries for parent’s notice if the student is found guilty of the disciplines mentioned below:
    • Irregular or not punctual to school.
    • Weak or not showing progress in studies.
    • Not doing or forgetting the home assignment.
    • Forgetting to bring textbooks, school diaries or exercise books etc.
    • Bad handwriting, poor maintenance of books or book not covered.
    • Talking inside the classroom in the presence or absence of a teacher.
    • Misbehaving or disobeying the teacher inside or outside the school.
    • Talking or not maintaining a single file while going or coming from class.
    • Speaking in other language besides English.
    • Quarrelling, fighting using offensive words or damaging the school property.
    • Gathering inside the classroom during the recess or before the school starts.
    • Improper or dirty uniform.
    • Failing in the examination.
    • Teachers falling sick should inform the LEAVE IN CHARGE through telephone and should produce an application along with the doctor’s certificate personally the next day.
    • For any concession not mentioned in the school rules the Principal’s permission or consideration is absolutely necessary.
    • Above all in the larger interest of the school the principal at his / her discretion can make any changes any time. 
    • Teachers should bear in mind that failing to comply with the aforesaid guidelines of the school is a sure indication of irresponsibility and inefficiency.
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