Compulsory Foreign Language Classes

Compulsory Foreign Language Classes in Daffodil

Compulsory Foreign Language Classes

Due to the exceeding competition, acquiring knowledge of global languages has clearly become more than important. The concept of learning the foreign languages has always been productive as it not just imparts linguistic skills but enables learners to explore and learn about related cultures and lifestyles. Learning international languages can thus help you with knowledge that can make you globally recognised. Foreign languages also help students make a strong hold on the social front wherein they can effortlessly communicate with people from different origins and hence build a strong connection due to the apt understanding of their language.

Daffodil School provides the following language classes. (Mandarin in Grade VI, French in Grade VII & Spanish in Grade VIII)

For instance, the Forty-hours of Mandarin language classes enhance students’ basic communication skills. Having completed those forty-hour sessions, students are able to introduce themselves, ask for directions, order food at restaurants, negotiate prices and purchase commodities—all in Mandarin. 

Similarly, the forty-hour French language classes cover various topics on France— its geography and climates, its cultures and festivals, its history and current socio-political environment, its cuisines and delicacies— all in addition to the language itself. By the end of an academic year, a student is able to count, speak basic phrases and give greetings in French.

Lastly, in this beginner course for Spanish, students will build a foundation for language study centered on speaking, listening, reading and writing through the gradual incorporation of authentic materials. Even as beginners students will use Spanish daily to express ideas, ask questions and build on previous learning. In addition to new vocabulary and grammar concepts, students will also he introduced to relevant cultural and geographical information. Spanish is an engaging and interactive class designed to ignite interest in the Spanish language and Latino culture.

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