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Daffodil Public School and Daffodil Boarding School are the first ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified English medium coeducational schools conducted by a team of well experienced and trained teachers.

ISO 9001:2000 is an International Standard that specifies requirement for a quality management system which meets customers requirement and enhance customers satisfaction. It is based on a systematic, process approach and strives to control and improve organizational results.

Message from Director

Welcome to Daffodil School. Over the past few years the school management along with the teaching staff have been working closely to improve the quality of education for our children. Our ultimate goal is to bring out an all-round development by focusing on ways and techniques to improve and facilitate the teaching and learning outcomes. 

With the firm commitment of a dedicated teaching staff and supportive parents, we continue to strive to prepare our children for good grades, character and personality ethics so as to enable them to meet with the problems and challenges of tomorrow.

Our involvement, commitment, love and care for the children have begun to make a difference by making slow but steady progress in our academia. Although we have a long way to go but nevertheless I feel very happy to share that we are moving in the right direction with the strong cooperation and unflinching support of our teachers. We shall continue to make progress in the field of education thus laying a strong foundation for our children. It gives me supreme pleasure and a deep sense of satisfaction when our students make a difference wherever they go.

“Together we go from strength to strength”.


With regards 

Mr. Uttam Kumar Sherpa

Founder Director


Uttam Kumar Sherpa

Founder Director

F.C. Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Imagine a school where the pupils are bright and bushy in the morning because they are so excited to see each other. Imagine a school where the teachers love learning, care about children, and find ways to help every single student learn to the best of their ability. Imagine a school where students are encouraged to question and formulate new ideas, and where these ideas may even provide the framework for some of the units being studied. Imagine a school where the pupils are constantly pushing themselves beyond what they thought possible. At Daffodil, all these possibilities are a reality. At Daffodil, students with a wide variety of skills and experience will find themselves challenged and stretched as they work to grow to the next level. Whether or not your child has ever played an instrument, sung, danced, acted, he/she will find a place here.

During your child’s time at Daffodil, we hope you will come to regard the school as your school too, and that your family will be as committed as we are in your child’s growth. We very much value the part you can play in the education of your child, and we also recognize the work you have already done in teaching your child—as their first educators. We want to continue to strengthen this partnership between home and school. In learning about how best to make schools work for everyone, and how best to help pupils learn, in imagining the possibilities, we have built a programme that has been described as “amazing and top-notch,” by parents who are, and have been, a part of the Daffodil family. Before you choose Daffodil, come see the institution for yourselves. We’d love to welcome you.

Ms. Meena Karki
Finance Controller

Meena Karki

Finance Controller

Mission Statement

“Together we go from strength to strength”.

Daffodil Aims

  • At Daffodil, each child is considered a whole person with the capacity for developing the skills and attitudes necessary to make use of the opportunities that the markets of the future will provide them.
  • We value everyone associated with our school, irrespective of age, race, gender, family background or ability.
  • We strive to provide an unmatchable education to all our pupils.
  • In our safe and nurturing environment, we endeavour to motivate, support and inspire every child’s personal, emotional and educational growth.
  • Through our system, we are confident that they will acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills and a comprehensive understanding of the world.
  • Ultimately, we aim to cultivate habits of virtue, discipline and self-efficiency in the students and to nurture the students to become the finest humans.

Our Team

Core team

Management & Administrative Staff










Daffodil Wheel

Green School

Daffodil School is an ISO-certified school meaning, we provide and encourage a healthy environment via the implementation of our No Junk and Plastic Free Society policies. Our students experience, learn about and practice eco-friendly living and lifestyles.


Our teachers are respected not for their authority, but for their ability to facilitate learning. Even outside of their class hours, they maintain an open channel of communication and a vibrant rapport with the children and parents (through platforms such as Viber).


Our students are taught how to learn, think for themselves, make decisions, assume leadership roles, apply knowledge and live a life of service to the greater common good. Above all, we know that a school exists for it's students.


Spread over 14 ropanies, Daffodil school, with it's modern complex, in Nayapati, is vibrant, green and welcoming. Open yet secure, it is designed to encourage children to adopt the school's exploratory culture and aid in the qualitative delivery of the school's curriculum and extra curricular programmes.


We have developed a holistic and progressive curriculum that has been designed to complement the National Curriculum Framework.


Daffodil School's continuing, comprenshive student-assessment motivates our children to constantly do better and aim higher.

Extra Curricular

Collaborative engagement with art, music, dance, culture and international languages like French, Mandarin and Spanish is a fundamental part of the Daffodil curriculum.


Out door and indoor facilities supplemented by a well structured participative programme, self-motivates children at an early age, to adopt and enjoy the adrenalin associated with sports.


The children of today are constantly being exposed to technology in myraid forms. At Daffodil, we have included two tech-focused initiatives- the learning about technology and learning with technology modules, both of which are an integral part of curriculum. To support these modules, we make extensive use of our interactive SMART boards.


Our humongous dining hall an ultra-modern, well-ventilated cafeteria provides fresh and hygienic food to our children, from a fully equipped kitchen.


Daffodil School views parent as an invaluableally, and engages in constant interaction with the parent in order to not only share progress reports but also to continually remind them of the philoshopy and vision of the school.


Children's safety is paramount at Daffodil. All our buildings are earthquake-resistant. All entry and exit points are secured with Access Control Systems, and all common areas are monitored through CCTV cameras.

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