Lower Secondary and Secondary

Lower Secondary and Secondary

We nurture the growth of the whole child academically, socially, physically and emotionally during what is typically the most difficult years (ages 10-16) of one’s school life. During this stage of development, your child will encounter puberty, pre-adolescence, changes in brain chemistry and huge spurts of physical growth and maturation.

The great news is that this phase of tremendous growth affords your child boundless opportunities for self-discovery. We facilitate this growth in assisting them to become stronger self-advocates, doers and thinkers and in the community-at-large.

Long-term projects and research are integral elements of the curriculum. Study skills, information literacy and technology, critical and creative thinking skills are incorporated throughout instruction. Students are exposed not only to the core academic subjects, such as language arts, math, science, social science and foreign languages, but also to music, art, theater, technology and physical education. Our Learning Specialist works closely with the faculty and students to integrate both enrichment and reinforcement activities while providing guidance for addressing various learning styles and monitoring student progress. Teachers guide students, teaching them to set goals and monitoring their progress toward those goals.

Middle School is the time for pushing the boundaries on all fronts and maximizing student potential. Your child will be challenged and struggle every now and then, but like a wise man once said, “Let your children stumble. The next time they will grow wings. Please stand back and watch them learn to fly. Sometimes they will fall, but they can and will try again.”

  • Highly qualified teachers with sound knowledge on child psychology and effective teaching
  • Learning by doing Science
  • Interactive classes
  • Digital classrooms
  • BeeCreative/ Innovator’s class
  • Providing national and International tours for children’s social and cultural development
  • Classes on NCC and Scout to enhance their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development  
  • Extra-curricular activities like Swimming, Basketball, Dance, Taekwondo, Futsal are provided
  • Extra-curricular activities also include Oratory, Drama , Role-play , Debate, Music, Art, Dance and Choir classes

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