Daffodil Library

Daffodil Library

An effective school library enhances student learning outcomes by providing a range of programs, services and resources which support teaching and learning. It also supports and encourages students' reading experiences.

The Daffodil E-Library is designed such that the focus is on the needs of the students to broaden the knowledge with a motto ‘to make globally competitive’’ by making available more than 5,000 books of various categories and levels.

Library Hours

  • Sunday - 9:00-3:30
  • Monday - 9:00-3:30
  • Tuesday - 9:00-3:30
  • Wednesday - 9:00-3:30
  • Thursday - 9:00-3:30
  • Friday - 9:00-3:30

Mission of e-library

Improves student outcomes — collections developed for your unique school community enrich reading and learning programmes.
Welcomes people in — the library is a safe place, that values and includes students from different cultures and backgrounds.
Brings people and information together — connections with other libraries and information sources enhance your library’s collections, and help your library staff help users find what they need.
Embodies the principles of ‘learner agency’ — students having the independence to choose their own reading, and to find resources that help them develop their interests and strengths at their own pace.
Helps close the education gap — for students who might otherwise be disadvantaged, the library can provide access to the stories, information, and technology they need.

Other Facilities

Daffodil school is a home for all and has some truly outstanding facilities. We love school sports in school, which is one of the reasons we work so hard to provide exceptional facilities, along with a wide range of exciting opportunities to get our students active. School provides diverse sports facilities to the students with necessary infrastructure and amenities.

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